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Books on Prayer and Prayer Books Online

All About Prayer
English, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish versions of the web site
online articles about prayer

America Praying On-Line
America Praying On-Line  is a community of individuals who share a common faith in Prayer, Jesus Christ and have a genuine concern for you and your family.

America’s National Prayer Committee
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international, national and denominational

Austin House of Prayer
24-7 Prayer in Austin

Awake and Go!
Global Prayer Network
online small biographies, online articles 

Bible Prayer Fellowship
teachers of united prayer

Called to Serve Prayer Ministry (NPC)

Campus Crusade for Christ Prayer Resources Site
online articles about prayer

Campus Renewal Ministries
working with students, professors and college ministry
mobilizing people to pray

Canada in Prayer
mobilizing Canada to pray

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
over 18000 results if you type prayer in the search engine
many books, articles, hymns and online sermons
this site features reviews of books, etc..
over 8000 results if you type prayer in the search engine
over 5000 titles of books on prayer sold here (not all good or doctrinally sound)
over 150 results for dvds on prayer

Church Prayer Leaders Network
mobilizing people, pastors and churches to pray
devotions, prayer points

College of Prayer US Canada
purpose of mentoring and encouraging pastors, wives, Christian leaders, missionaries, intercessors – all who desire to more effectively impact their world through fervent revival prayer, prayer evangelism

Concerts of Prayer Greater New York

Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation
Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to protecting our freedom to publicly pray and express our faith in God; and restoring Judeo-Christian principles to their rightful place in the marketplace of ideas. Our goal is to work alongside members of congress to unify the nation to trust God again.

Does God Answer Our Prayers?
How to Pray: Prayers That Get Answered
online article

EM Bounds Free Books Online

FACE (Fellowship and Christian Encouragement for Educators)
Fellowship And Christian Encouragement (FACE) for Educators exists to encourage and pray for Educators and their schools. We are entering our tenth year of serving God by equipping Christian educators to start and sustain a prayer and encouragement group at their schools with our weekly devotionals and prayer support.

Florida Prayer Network

Frontline Ministries
prayer summits, encouraging others to pray

The George Muller Foundation
books, dvds and videos about the life of Geroge Muller

Global Day of Prayer
encouraging the world to pray on May 23 and every day

Global Day of Prayer USA

Global Prayer Digest
has a daily prayer guide for the unreached people groups around the world

Haystack 06 Prayer Tools books about prayer
praying for people groups and students
articles on prayer

Haystack 06 Prayer Tools
books about prayer
praying for people groups and students
articles on prayer

Hindrances to Prayer,%20Tracts%20&%20Preaching/Printed%20Books/Dr%20John%20Rice/hindrances_to_prayer.htm

Houses of Prayer Everywhere
We exist to help churches saturate their communities and cities with Lighthouses of Prayer that will pray for, care about, and share the blessings of Christ with people who live or work near them.
Our strategy is to equip, resource, and support individuals, churches, city-reaching coalitions, and denominations that are committed to prayer-evangelism.

How to Pray by RA Torrey (online book)
read online for free at the two web sites below

How to Pray for America web site
online articles about prayer

The Interceders- Praying for Revival in Great Britain
online articles and sermons
prayer quotes
audio messages

Intercessors Arise International
encouraging others to pray

Intercessors Arise International
recommended books on prayer, I personally don’t recommend all those listed on the web site

Intercessors for America
got its start  in 1973 when God impressed upon the hearts of a group of godly, respected men the necessity of prayer and fasting, prayer alerts, prayer letters, prayer guides prayer resources for church bulletins, resources link

International Prayer Council
the International Prayer Council exists as a coalition of prayer networkers and mobilizers working together to motivate, develop and equip national movements and local churches to fill al nations with prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commandment and the completion of the Great Commission."

International Prayer Council Links

International Prayer Council Resources
prayer articles and videos

Internet websites to buy books on prayer

Jericho Walls International Prayer Network
articles, teachings on prayer, prayer guide : How to Pray for Revival
inspiring others to pray, articles on prayer
links regarding free online books on prayer
links to audio sermons on prayer

Kids Prayer Network
This website is dedicated to kids and grown ups alike who are interested in prayer.

The Kneeling Christian book online

The Life of Prayer book online
by AB Simpson

London Prayer
London Prayer.Net aims to encourage prayer for London - by providing you with the information you need and by connecting you with others.

Lydia Fellowship International
Is a call to prayer for Christian women, those who have the heart
to meet with God and encounter His presence.

Method of Prayer online book
by Madame Jeane Guyon

Moms in Touch International
moms getting together and meeting to pray for their children

National Day of Prayer
The National Day of Prayer Task Force’s mission is to communicate with every individual the need for personal repentance and prayer, mobilizing the Christian community to intercede for America and its leadership in the seven centers of power: Government, Military, Media, Business, Education, Church and Family.
National Day of Prayer Task Force (USA)

National Pastors’ Prayer Network
pastors together in prayer for one another, their congregation and eventually their communities and cities

The Necessity of Prayer book online
by EM Bounds

North American Mission Board Prayer Connection  
contains useful prayer tools prayer related topics, bi-weekly e-newsletter, Prayer Leaders’ Network, resources provide tools to help you learn more about biblical prayer and developing a prayer ministry

Olive Tree
free books and articles on prayer online
click on the link Free Items on the home page

Operation World Prayer Resources

The Path to Prayer book online
by Samuel Chadwick

Power through Prayer book online
by EM Bounds

Pray Magazine
Pray Magazine – Published by NavPress
Christian magazines from The Navigators, is the official website for popular Christian magazines Discipleship Journal, Pray!, and PrayKids!

Prayer First
The Prayer First Steering Team seeks to encourage church prayer champions and call churches to fervent prayer. 

Prayer for the Persecuted Church (NPC)
promotes prayer for the persecuted church

Prayer Foundation
To Promote Prayer among all Christians and Proclaim Christ to the World!

Prayer Foundation Prayer Tips

Prayer Foundation Recommended Books on Prayer

Prayer Foundation Top Ten Christian Books on Prayer

Prayer Foundation Top Ten Christian Prayer Biographies

Prayer Foundation Twenty Four Hour Prayer Chain

more than 500 prayer resources for sale

Prayer Today Online

Prayer Today Online Books
The Kneeling Christian – Author Unknown
Power Through Prayer – E.M. Bounds
Possibilities of Prayer – E.M. Bounds
Necessilty of Prayer – E.M. Bounds
With Christ In the School of Prayer – Andrew Murray
The Practice of the Presence of God – Brother Lawrence
Autobiography of Madam Guyon – Madam Guyon

Prayer Tools
bulletin inserts, booklets, journaling, prayer cards

prayer groups in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland

Praying for Revival Online Articles

Praying Pastors Project
Helping our pastors, ministers to be equipped to teach people to pray is the goal of the Praying Pastors Project.
Praying the Price online article

PrayKids Prayer Curriculum and Teaching Magazine
PrayKids! prayer curriculum & teaching magazine
PrayKids!is a prayer curriculum & teaching magazine. Teach kids how to pray. From The Navigators. PrayKids! is an 8-page, full-color children’s prayer curriculum with the mission "to encourage a passion for Christ through prayer" in elementary-age kids.
please see the books and prayer cards link

Presidential Prayer Team web site
We are a national ministry dedicated to a focused mission of encouraging, inspiring and practicing PRAYER on behalf of our President, nation’s leaders and our troops. We also seek to be a catalyst in the development of a robust prayer lifestyle. We do this by finding and PROVIDING tools to encourage prayer – through email, web, mobile phones and other communication tools. Ultimately, we believe that prayer will TRANSFORM our nation, one heart at a time.

Project Pray
prayer training, offering Schools of Prayer and coaching in the area of prayer ministries

Purpose in Prayer book online
by EM Bounds

The Right Way to Pray
online articles or sermons

See You At the Pole
prayer ministry at schools around the world

Southern Baptist Convention Prayer Guide
devotions, prayer room, prayer requests, resources

Strategic Renewal
Strategic Renewal desires to come alongside church leaders, local church congregations, and individuals desiring to renew their passion for Jesus Christ.

Sword of the Lord
books and pamphlets on prayer for sale, sermons on prayer on cd
prayer request cards

Thirty second kneel down revolution

Twenty Books to Change the World
Master Book List Of Works On Prayer

Twenty Four Seven Prayer
24-7 Prayer is an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice that began with a single, student-led prayer vigil in Chichester, England in 1999 and has spread, by word-of-mouth, into 100+ nations.

Twenty Four Seven Prayer Global

Twenty Four Seven Prayer UK

Twenty Four Seven Prayer USA
has a bookstore on the web site

Twenty Four Seven Prayer Germany

US/DC Prayer Watch
The US/DC Prayer Watch is a partnership of national leaders, local pastors, churches, denominations, prayer networks, parachurch ministries, and individuals from across the United States working to mobilize and maintain 24-hour prayer for our nation’s capital.
The goal is to mount a continuous, 24-hour canopy of prayer for the city of Washington, DC, the government that resides there, and the nations represented by embassies in Washington, DC

information about the Global Day of Prayer
prayer guide for the Global Day of Prayer 

The Weapon of Prayer book online
by EM Bounds

Window International Network
A prayer ministry devoted to the 10/40 window

With Christ in the School of Prayer book online
by Andrew Murray

World Prayer Centre
prayer teams, encouraging people to pray for the world

The World Prayer Team
prayer sessions, prayer requests