Prayer Boxes - Where to Buy

Cherry Prayer Box
The Cherry Prayer Box is a beautiful addition for your sanctuary, retreat center, or cloister. It is made from hand selected fine woods with brasstone praying hands mounted on the front. The Prayer Card Box comes in Walnut, Oak, or Cherry finishes.

Journey to the Cross Prayer Box with 6 Devotion Tokens
Journey to the Cross prayer box includes six devotion tokens to help kids prepare for Resurrection Sunday. You can punch-out tokens and box for easy assembly. You can also pass this out during Easter services or Sunday schools.

Prayer Box, Flag
When the noise of the world starts to cause you stress, take a moment, write a prayer, and let God show you His best. You can put each of your written prayer in this tin prayer box decorated with colorful pom trim. This prayer box also includes blessing sheets for writing out prayers and mini pen. It is small and perfect for keeping in a purse or traveling.

Prayer Box, Heart
The Prayer Box Heart is a crafted with light colors on the outside making it joyful in writing prayers. This includes sheets and a mini pen that you can take with you during travels. To finish it up, it provides a brief encouraging statement that reads, When the noise of the world starts to cause you stress, take a moment, write a prayer, and let God show you His best making it a great prayer box.

Scripture Card Holder & Prayer Box-At the Cross w/30 Cs
The prayer box with a cross acts as a card holder and prayer drawer. The cross has a wood-like finish whilst the prayer box has a satin-like finish that opens as a drawer. It includes scripture cards that act as prayer requests forms.

Serenity Prayer Box
God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. This box features these words engraved on top of the wooden box to remind you of your prayer requests. It also includes gift cards with the written text of the prayer.

Prayer boxes
Natural Life Prayer Boxes are crafted with the intention of keeping your prayer requests close to you. They are designed with light colors, pom-pom trims, and graphic designs to inspire you in writing your prayers. Inside, a prayer pad and a mini pencil is include along with an inspirational message on the inside of the lid.