Small Group Prayer Guidelines, Suggestions, Tips, and Ideas

3 Tips for Leading Prayer
By Megan Hill
"If the fear of public speaking is the general population's greatest fear, fear of praying publicly may be its Christian equivalent. It is no wonder. In prayer together, the leader brings his brothers and sisters on a holy errand to the very throne room of almighty God." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

4 Suggestions to Deepen Your Small Group Prayer
By Steven Lee
The Gospel Coalition
"Praying is a learned skill that takes time, discipline, and work. Corporate prayer is shallow because private prayer is infrequent. Recognize that we all have room to grow in learning to pray to God together." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

7 Tips To Modeling Prayer For Your Group
By Life Together
"One of the most powerful aspects of small groups is the opportunity to offer prayer requests, to pray together, and then to see how God follows through on those prayers. Prayers get answered, situations change, hearts change-your group sees God work in mighty ways." (read more about this article, click the link above.)

10 Ideas for Your Prayer Meeting
By Sarah Martin
"You can be creative in how you collect prayer requests by trying one of these ideas." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

50 Tips for Leading a Small Group
By Vince Antonucci
City on a Hill
"Leading a small group study is an amazing way to make a difference with your life. Small group studies are powerful vehicles for catalyzing life change and spiritual growth. Perhaps the idea of leading a small group sounds exciting but also intimidating." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Facilitate Meaningful Group Prayer
By Bill Donahue
"Intercessory prayer can be defined as asking God to act on behalf of someone else. Sometimes we don't know how to pray for our friends and family. yet we know we should pray for them. Paul gave us a pattern to follow when we pray for others." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Fifteen Ways To Lead Group Prayer: A Practical Guide for Those who Lead Others in Prayer (PDF)
By J. Chris Schofield, Ph.D.
This booklet is helpful to pastors and prayer leaders as they lead group prayer sessions. Whether it is a directed prayer focus in a worship service, a cottage prayer meeting preparing for revival or renewal emphasis, or a small group prayer session, this booklet will help group leaders as they lead others in specific prayer that is Bible-based.

Five Tips for Leading Your Small Group
By Kevin DeYoung
Grace Fellowship
"As school starts back up, so will plenty of church-sponsored and church-related small groups. Some will study the Bible. Others will read a Christian book together. While knowing your Bible. there are also a number of skills which go a long way in leading an effective small group." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

How to Lead a Dynamic Prayer Meeting
By Leslie Bennett
Revive Our Hearts
"Many of us feel inadequate to direct a prayer gathering, yet deep down, we sense a stirring to pray more and sound a trumpet call for the people of God to unite their voices to cry out to Him. With practice and a few simple tips, you will discover that leading corporate prayer is not nearly as intimidating as you once thought." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

How to Pray for Your Small-Group Ministry
By Andrew Wheeler
"Our small-group ministries are on the front lines of serving the body of Christ. Needy people and well-resourced people; new believers and veterans in the faith; people of all ages, backgrounds, and demographics are all part of our audience." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Personal Prayer Power Leader Tips
In this article, you will be leading life-changing discussions and encouraging others to try new ways of creating more powerful, interactive prayer times.

Prayer Ideas for Small Groups
Tools for Mentoring
This article presents ideas and activities that the leader can teach his group about praying.

Small Group Prayer Guidelines, Tips, and Ideas (PDF)
"God desires to be in relationship with His people. Prayer allows us to enter the presence of God in a personal, relational way. Therefore we believe prayer is an essential element of a dynamic relationship with God." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)